Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Year, New Look!

One of the most important aspects to Wonderland Contraband is, of course, the charms. ^__^ This year, I wanted to have a more consistent look, size and shape to my items. Before, there was really no science to how I made my charms. But 2012 is all about finding the consistency. So, all our charms are getting rebooted! And for the better!

Better and cuter!!!

On average, our mini sculptures have grown from about 3cm to 4cm tall from tip to tip (including eyepin on top). Some might say that's not much difference but when you work on a miniscule level, this is a %25 increase in size. I decided to make them bigger because even though they weren't necessarily complaints, there were a couple of comments made last year at how surprisingly small my charms were. So they're now bigger! :P

Castiel (Will be posted next weekend!), Dexter, Damon and Knave of Hearts

Our mini sculptures are also double glazed in diamond gloss for extra protection. Last year, I was using a mix of matte and gloss, but I found people preferred shiny so...shiny it is! And I do like the gloss, I think it gives our charms a cleaner and brighter look.

In the next couple of weeks I hope to add more new characters in what Chris calls our "roster". This week is all about the vampires. And I do love my vampires!! Here's a sneak peak at our new Vampire Diaries charms which will be posted next weekend!

Damon, Elena and Stefan all a little bloody after a menage-trois blood drinking. Oo, kinky!

Who's your favorite vampire? And let's try to think outside the "Twilight" box and pick vampires with fangs. ~__^



  1. Do I just have to pick one? Gotta go with my favorite Englishman, Drake Clarke, and of course, Angel ;)

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