Sunday, September 2, 2012

What I've been doing!

The past couple of months have been pretty quiet here at WLCB. I took down my made-to-order listings for a good while to work solely on new items, including the following 8 piece Sherlock Shadowbox collection.

"Are you wearing any pants?"
Keeping white clay clean is a form of self torture. It's near impossible, but sometimes I get really lucky.  

 When I was at art school, my favorite part of animating was posing my characters. I love playing with silhouettes and I especially love this Watson.

"Severed Head" and "None for me, thanks."
 These pieces were added while I was making "Bored". I really love that whole scene.

"Bad Days"
(Digital painting for background)
I was excited about this piece until I actually had to make it. Sculpting an interaction like this between two characters was difficult and I honestly thought I had to change my initial idea. But after several more tries, this was the result. I love Sherlock's face and his pink little tongue....

....That's what she said! 

I heart this box. Originally in the show, Sherlock only appears like this when he comes home from the tube and Watson asks "You went on the tube like that?". But I really wanted to see Sherlock in the actual tube with strangers around him. I added a guy in the background, kinda chill but looking curious. On the other side I added a horrified woman and her child, with the child pointing at Sherlock while in tears. I also gave Sherlock a dead pan expression.

On another note, adding "blood" to a perfectly clean Sherlock nearly gave me conniptions. But I'm happy with the blood splatters I gave him. Dexter would be so proud. ;)

 The messiest box to make. Adding grass was as anxiety inducing as bloodying up Sherlock in the "Tube". The background was a quick digital painting I did in photoshop.

"New Year"
Adding lights to a small diorama box made this piece the longest to make. I added snow and frost behind the window to give the Christmas lights a nice glow, and with the added silky white curtains, it gives the lights a nice effect. I originally planned for the third light to be the fire in the fireplace, but it would have been so low to the ground that it wasn't giving the proper light source I wanted for their faces. Instead I added a large lamp so the entire effect of the lights would play off their forms.

I certainly hope to make more. Although time consuming and difficult, I love making these. Boxes are my new obsession....O__o



  1. You are amazing! Please post more!

  2. Had these for a year now and am still a proud owner! Love them!